Monday, July 7, 2014

Cycling regulations for the upcoming Burung Hantu

As this is a nightly event, we emphasize riders to obey rules and have proper equipment list below during the ride.
• A bike that’s properly serviced and in tiptop condition.
• Helmet Compulsory for your own preservation.
• Torch light. Compulsory as you’ll need it to guide you in the dark.
• Extra batteries. Average battery life is 2 hrs. So additional batteries is needed to go on further.
• Back light (Red Light), so that when you are On The Road, the car from the back will notice you.
• Mini tools.
• Spare tubes (2pcs) and patches.
• Pump.
• Insect repellents.
• Mobile phone.
• Bright or Lumisnescent wear. Easy to notice you while you are riding
• Raincoat... COMFIRM RAIN as our rain occurs everytime during our previous Burung Hantu event.

Please slow down at junctions and watch out for these signs. Marshals will be stationed only at critical points to help guide riders. There will also be official Sweepers who will move into the trails after the cut off times for each stage. If you are unsure of the turnings and can’t find the signage, go back to the last seen trail marker and wait for the Sweepers.

Since this is a night ride event, we encourage group riding as you can rely on each other when help is needed. Sweeper will only carry those rider who are really injured and couldn’t continue the ride to the nearest check point to wait for the LORRY. Rider who reach the check point after the cut off time will ask to take the chicken loop or up to the LORRY. You are strictly not allowed to continue the ride after the cut off time of the check point. We understand you are paying for the ride, but you still need to follow our rules and regulation.

You can expect trail congestion during the initial parts of the ride, especially on the narrow single tracks. Stronger riders are advised to come to the front during flag off. If you should stop during a climb, do quickly move to the side of the trail and allow other riders to pass. This will help reduce trail congestion. Do give prior warning when passing a slower rider and only where the trail is wide enough to pass

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