Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Track and Profile

The starting and finishing point for upcoming "SHIMANO Burung Hantu 2014" event will be at Dataran Sejarah, Ayer Keroh, Melaka.
GPS location of start point: N2 16.443 E102 17.905
This year the track/trail will be an exciting trail for every cycling enthusiast.We try to make it great, fun and enjoyable trail for everyone. The distance of the whole journey will be about 48km which mostly passes the palm oil plantation, rubber estates. A little up and down hill is expected. Not to forget technical single course trails which you'll enjoy in some areas. Thus , we bring you a great trail you'll never forget.

Do not worry of being in the dark as we will have LED lights every 50 metres alongside with your bright torchlight to guide you inside the offroad trail.

That's not all, we will have 3 check points for riders to check their stops and 3 refilled water station provided thereafter. We try our very best to give a great new ride to all our participants.
(P/S: Kindly bring your OWN WATER BOTTLE as we are only refilling waters. WE WILL NOT PROVIDE ANY WATER BOTTLES to any particpiants)

So please obey our rules and follow the led lighting trail as well as do look for signboards and paper trails during your ride. Do not run off course by taking any shortcuts or whatsoever. We will not be responsible for anything if you create your own route during the event.

Also during the event itself, we will have ride marshall, off-road motorbike marshall to accompany participants. ENJOY THE RIDE. SEE YOU THERE

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  1. Where is the ecc 2014 route map, jersey and medal picture ?? please post it


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